Welcome to Godless Mama!

I’m still under construction at the moment, but rest assured I have plenty to say.  The posts are coming soon, while I continue to fine-tune the site.  Don’t touch that dial!

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Godless Mama

Godless Mama writes about religion, politics, feminism, and the importance of evidence-based thinking with the goal of improving the world her daughter will inherit.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Godless Mama!”

  1. This is dissapointing, not once did I see any evidence as you so claim to be ever so fond of. If you make points, back then up with something so we can try to further discuss things. Example: the bit about Jesus saying don’t trust your senses. Where did you see that in the gospels? I came to this article to try to learn more about your background, but all I got was another atheist that skims the surface of their generalized beliefs and accepts their closed minded world view compared to actually looking deeper into it.

    As far as I’m concerned your just another blogger, thinking your educated because you watched a few YouTube videos and read a few books that pander to your own world view, unaccepting of actually looking into it yourself. You’re a paradox and a dilemma to society


    1. People who don’t believe exactly what you believe are a “dilemma to society?” That’s a troubling worldview right there. Should I be executed, like your bible says I should, so that I no longer pose the dilemma of not being just like you?


      1. He didn’t say that, he said your refuting and spouting things without explaining your reasoning is a dilemma to society…. And to be honest, that is troubling.
        When does he say he believes in the Bible? And you’re doing it again 🤣 refuting something without backing it up.


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