16 thoughts on “I’ve Had Enough”

  1. I agree and it has been going on for some time – I saw some of the LK drama first hand. Never understood how SJW was a bad thing. Never understood the cult of personality that the New Atheist movement has had – but I think you are right in some cases re: mimicking the religion they lost. Keep giving them hell, so to speak.


  2. Thank you so much for your rant! I think you are exactly right about the current state of the ‘mainstream’ atheist movement. I agree with you that change is needed to move beyond the now-stale and ossified focus on being smart enough to see through religion. It’s still vital to fight for inclusion of atheists in public life, and to normalize nonbelief. But that can be done at the same time as we recognize the diversity and humanity of every atheist and as we topple the old ‘thought leader’ idols. You aren’t alone. In fact I think a growing number of people are ready to either dump all movement atheism or to start a new, truly humanist, movement of nonbelievers. I’m going to keep following you and I hope decent people respond to you and others who are looking for the same thing. Keep giving them hell, Mama!


  3. Hi Godless Mama,

    I think the only thing I was a bit confused by was the “if you think identity matters” part of the clip. I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean. Besides that I agree with everything that you’ve said in the clip there.




    1. Fair question. I meant if you think diversity matters; if you think that things like race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, etc. are relevant in people’s lived experiences.


  4. I look forward to more episodes. As a mother of three daughters, it matters to me that I maintain my integrity by pointing out bullcrap when I see it, especially from people who I previously looked up to. I’m here for the long haul and look forward to learning how to teach critical thinking skills and self reflection and self love to my daughters without the burden of religion. I appreciated this rant because it made me feel less alone. We are allowed to be angry, darn it!


  5. Excellent podcast. Honestly, and embarrassingly enough, I didn’t know who Lawrence Krauss was before you brought it up on Twitter and FB. I’ve never been a big fan of “the movement” as I’ve never thought that not believing in something was anything to base a “movement” on in the first place. And since simply not believing in a god is not really anything that substantially differentiates one individual from another (like gender, race, orientation, etc.), it follows that in such a movement (it exists whether or not I subscribe), there will be that same prevalence of misogyny, racism, bigotry, homophobia as in the general population – if not more, as it is dominated by white straight males. So, this is no surprise that LK is this stain. What is surprising is the defense of LK. Thank you for elucidating on subjects where I’m woefully uninformed and ill-equipped to discuss. You assist in making me more curious, more skeptical, and strengthen my resolve to be more thoroughly humanist in my approach to life. I’ve valued your intellect and insight since day one.

    Atheism is a movement of attraction, rather than derision and ridicule into compliance. It’s the only way forward.

    Excellent work.


  6. Great to listen to, and you brought up quite a few points which were new for me, eg replacing one set of rigid beliefs and hero worship for enother.

    I come via the skeptics rather than the atheist side of things, but I’m still fucking sick of all of this shit too.


  7. What I find fascinating is that most of the so-called atheist “thought leaders” who have amassed a cult-like following don’t seem to have done so intentionally. The fanatical devotion shown to men like Harris and Krauss seesm to have arisen from their followers’ desires for gurus, rather than these mens’ need for disciples. At least, that is my perception of it.

    I don’t even call myself an atheist anymore. I now use the term “non-believer.” The term “atheist” has become so strongly tethered to a raft of really bad ideas–e.g. anti-feminism, free-market fundamentalism, social Darwinism–that I just don’t feel comfortable using it annymore. What a shame.


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