4 thoughts on “Alas, We Hardly Knew Ye”

  1. I have never seen my atheism as part of a movement, and it does not surprise me that many well-spoken people have feet of clay. Lawrence Kraus and David Silverman are tips of icebergs, and those who find it difficult to condemn their behaviors are just fallible people, too. We have lived too long in a society in which certain kinds of sexual predation have been seen as acceptable or excusable behaviors. The time has come for this to end.


  2. I enjoy your thoughts. Hope you keep going. I feel that what you were observing in your last rant was that atheism and religion as businesses are equally corruptible.


  3. Thank you! Beautifully said, authentically articulated. You speak for so many women and other culturally marginalized people in leaving “movement atheism” and its toxic masculinity behind. Your diagnosis is rather irrefutable with the internet’s record of toxicity that has gone on in movement atheism’s name (as well as actions not matching stated ideals), so nobody with good intentions should here attempt to debate the reality of movement atheism not being a long-term safe haven for any but those white males who find comfort in its boys’ club refuge.

    #notallwhitemalesarelikethat, a fact beside the point, or any similar rhetoric of apologetics would merely be an attempt to divert attention from the reality of matters stated by the podcast. Internalized misogyny in women, under ongoing patriarchal social structure enforced with predominantly male violence (for undiagnosed baseline sex class PTSD), with related female collaboration rewarded by dominant males is also a topic beyond the scope of this comment. (For example, the most recent teen male mass school shooter in Texas was apparently enraged into “born to kill” mode after his increasingly aggressive unwanted sexual overtures against a 16-year-old female classmate were rightfully rebuffed. However, the elephant in every room of toxic masculinity is unlikely to be the media focus of the story of the latest male mass murderer any more than it is in the cruel failings of both movement atheism and organized mainstream monotheism/trinitarianism.)

    So yes, of course, toxic masculinity exists not only in movement atheism: not what I’m addressing by this short comment of kudus for the wise bravery of the podcast.

    Yours is an important voice, “godlessmama,” and I hope you keep rocking it.


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